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Dr.Marina McLean

Dr.Marina McLean became a Certified Life Coach in 2018 and a Master Coach in 2019 through Kemuel Christian University. She received her Doctorate in Divinity from Friends International Christian University. Since then she has helped hundreds of people reinvent their lives and find purpose through her many entrepreneurial efforts and non-profits, and now she's ready to open that same opportunity to the individual.


Dr.Marina believes to be relevant in this changing market place you have to reinvent and invest in knowledge, which is the core foundation of her coaching classes. 


She has a been a pillar in the category of self care and motivation by founding one of her organizations, MegaWomen, which teaches women how to connect, collaborate, and use skills they may already have to explore their hidden economy. 


Become a Certified Life Coach.

Become inspired to inspire others with the completion of your life coach certification.



1-on-1 Personal Coaching

Get Personal life coaching from Dr. Marina. Four sessions where you will learn to apply tools necessary to walk in your purpose. 

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